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Custom Drupal software development

We offer Drupal software development services to address your specific requirements. Whether you look for simple or more complex websites designed in Drupal, AROBS can help you reach all your goals.

Drupal-Salesforce integration

The goal for this project was to integrate the front-end of an existing Drupal web site with a Salesforce database, where information for several thousand CEOs is stored. When we started the project the two systems could not communicate at all. The site includes features like event registration, user list display, profile page check (e.g. the events the user attended, personal information, the function / role in the CEO community). We mapped the following fields between the Drupal front-end and the Salesforce back-end: Users, User profile, Spouse, Relatives (uncle, cousin, etc), Events, Event registration (inclusiv Parent-Child registration), CEO Leadership. Synchronization between the corresponding fields of the two components works perfectly, which means site users have access to accurate and updated information. Thousands of users have been imported from the Salesforce database into the Drupal website.

  • Customer, Country: Confidential, USA

  • Application Type: Web

  • Technologies: PHP, Drupal 7x, MySQL, SalesForce API

  • Main Activities: Analysis, Custom Software Development, Data Migration, Quality Assurance, Software Testing

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